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Facility Inquiries

Is there a parking lot?
There is no hall dedicated parking. Please use paid parking lots around the hall, such as the "Shin-Karuizawa Parking." As parking is limited, there can be times when you can not park nearby, so we appreciate your use of public transport as much as possible.
Is the hall non smoking?
This is a smoke-free building. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Is it possible to eat in the hall?
Light refreshments such as sandwiches and cake are at the coffee shop in the Hall foyer.
Its business hours for summer are: from two hours before the curtain rises until break time. For the other seasons it will be open on the days of performances.
Please contact Karuizawa Ohga Hall to confirm. Up to 10 minutes before admissions doors open, you can enter from the pond side to the shop. (Ten minutes before the doors open, we will cordially ask you to exit from the foyer so that admissions can proceed.)
» Restaurants around the hall. (Google map: Restaurants near Karuizawa Station)

Ticket Inquiries

What can I do if I have lost or forgotten my ticket?
Admission cannot be accepted without a ticket as a general rule.
If you find yourself in this circumstance, please contact the organizers of the performance.
Is it possible to cancel or exchange purchased tickets?
Cancellation and exchange after telephone reservation or purchase cannot be accepted except in cases when the event itself is cancelled due to the artist's and/or presenter's reasons.

Hall Inquiries

Is it possible to visit, inspect the inside of the hall?
Hall previews are available in advance for those who are planning events at the hall. To make arrangements, please contact Karuizawa Ohga Hall office (0267-42-0055).
Is it possible for anyone to use the Hall?
The Hall is available for rental to anyone, but the performance must be within public policy and related to music.

Admissions Inquiries

Is it possible to watch in a wheelchair?
Four seats are reserved for wheelchairs. Please check with Karuizawa Ohga Hall Ticket Service for availability (0267-31-5555) before you purchase.The Hall also can also provide a limited number of wheelchairs when you reserve in advance.
Late Admissions
Arrivals after the curtain will be restricted and only admitted depending on the performance, which will be through the guidance of the ushers. To avoid this inconvenience, please plan on arriving early.
Is there a place where you keep luggage / coats?
Please use the cloak-check desk, but refrain from leaving valuables.
※ May not be available depending on performances.

For those with children

Are there services for attendees with children?
Although child services are not available, independent services in town are listed below for your reference.

● How to use the chlid services of Asamakko
1)Asamakko's cooperative members take care of your child at their home for a fee.
2)Fee: ¥700/h, after 19: 00: ¥800/h
3)Reservations: We accept on the performance day.
4)Payment: Please pay directly to the person in charge.
5)Contact: Konishi Tel.0267-46-1718 (mobile phone 090-1869-6031)

● How to use the "Karuizawa Prince Forest Kids Room"
1)Professional childcare staff will provide a safe and happy environment for your children.
2)Location: Karuizawa Prince Hotel East Building room 519
3)Age range: 3 months to 12 years
4)Fee: ¥3,150 yen per hour
5)Reservation: Reserve by phone at least two days in advance to assure availability.
6)Contact: Tel.0267-41-2108 (mobile phone 090-5757-6290) e-mail karuizawa@poppins.co.jp