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Building Outline

Karuizawa Ohga Hall
Nagano Prefecture Kitasaku-gun Karuizawa Karuizawahigashi 28-4
Site Area
About 6,500m²(About1,966 tsubo)
Construction area
About 2,400m²(About 726 tsubo)
Total floor area
About 2,800m²(About 847 tsubo)
December 01, 2004
April 29, 2005
Design and Construction
Kajima Corporation
Acoustic Design
Kajima Technical Research Institute Co., Ltd. + Nagata Sound Design
Lighting Design
Motoko Ishii

Equipment Outline

  Overview Remarks
Hall 【Number of Seats】
1st floor 660 seats
Second floor chair seat 86 seats
Second floor standing room 38 seats
Total 784 seats
(4 wheelchair seats)
Format: pentagon surround
Reverberation time: 1.6-1.8 seconds (at full occupancy) 
【Chorus Seat】
Second floor 40 seats
Area 150m²
Front Entrance 22m
Depth 9m
【The top of the ceiling】 14.5m
Private room 1 24m² 1person Shower Room equipped
Private room 2 24m² 1person Shower Room equipped
Electronic piano (Yamaha) Installed
Dressing room1 33m² about 14 - 20 people  
Dressing room2 33m² about 14 - 20 people  
Dressing room3 33m² about 14 - 20 people  
Performer Lounge 57m² about 20 people Semi-grand piano (Yamaha) Installed
It is available in conjunction with dressing room 3. ※1
Garden 1800m² lawn  

※1 … Dressing room #3 and performer lounge are divided by a movable partition that makes small recitals possible in the space. (90m², about 34-40 people).

Accessory equipment Overview

Stage Electric art baton (2)
Electric art baton (2) Console (memory 200 queue, 25 scene × 8 pages)
Ceiling spotlight (1.0kw × 8)
Mobile sidelight (1.0kw × 12) with stand
Lighting Outlets (two locations for the center pin spot, floor outlet 4 places)
Acoustics Mixing Console (12 inputs)
Mike (dynamic × 4, wireless hand × 2, ambient × 1)
Hanging microphones (hanging microphone × 2, up to four mounted allowed)
Elevator microphone (1)
Recording and playback machine (DAT × 1, MD × 2, CD × 1)
Player (CD × 1)
Ceiling Speaker
Projection Overhead projector (1)
S-VHS video player (1)
DVD Player (1)
Video projector (1)
Baton hanging screen 200 inch (1)
Mobile stand-type screen 120 inch (1)
Musical Instruments Hamburg Steinway concert grand piano D274 (1)
Yamaha concert grand piano (CFⅢ)
Yamaha semi grand piano (S6A)
Yamaha electronic piano (1)

For Wheelchair Users

Karuizawa Ohga Hall offers wheelchair seating.
If you would like to purchase a wheelchair seat, please contact the concert organizers to request.
Three wheelchairs are also available on the premise for free reservation.

Wheelchair Users seat