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Outline of the building

Karuizawa Ohga Hall
28-4 Karuizawa Higashi,
Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken
Overall area
Approx. 6,500m²
Building area
Approx. 2,400m²
Floor area
Approx. 2,800m²
Building scale
Height 18.9m, divided into 2 floors
Completion date
December 1st, 2004
Opening date
April 29th, 2005

  Outline Remarks
The hall
【Seating capacity 】 First floor 660
Second floor
(Seat 86)
(Standing room 38)
Total 784
(Wheel chair space 4)
Type/Shape: Pentagon
Reverberation time: 1.7sec (full capacity)
【Choir capacity】 Second floor 40
【Stage dimensions】 Area 150m²
Width 22m
Depth 9m
【Max ceiling Height】 14.5m
Stateroom 1 24m² 1~2person shower room included
Stateroom 2 24m² 1~2person YAMAHA digital piano
and shower room included
Dressing Room 1 33m² 14~20person  
Dressing Room 2 33m² 14~20person  
Dressing Room 3 33m² 14~20person  
Players' Lounge 57m² 20person YAMAHA semi-grand piano S6A [※see note1]
Garden 1800m² grass area

【※note1】 … The partition between the Dressing room3 and the Players' Lounge is flexible, so it is possible to have small recitals accommodating 34-40 person.(90m²)

Outline of the additional facilities

Stage "State of the art" controls (2)
Stage lightning Control board(memory 200 operation cues, 25 scenes x 8 pages)
Ceiling spotlights (1.0kw x 8)
Motorized side light (1.0kw x 12) with stand
Motorized spotlight (1.0kw x 5) with stand
Stage lightning wall outlet
(For the center spot x 2. For floor plugs x 4)
Sound control Adjustable Board (12 inputs)
Microphones (dynamic x 4. wireless hand mics x 4.wireless pin x 1. air mics x 2.ambient mic x 1)
Hanging Microphones (Hanging Mics x 2. Max of 4 available)
Elevator Microphones x 1
Playback Machine (DAT x 1. MD x 2. CD x 1)
CD player x 1
Ceiling speaker
Projector Over-head projector x 1
S-VHS Video player x 1
DVD player x 1
Video projector x 1
Control bottom hanging type screen 200 inches
Motorized standing type screen 120 inches
Instruments Hamburg Steinway-Concert grand piano D-274(No.427700) x 1
Hamburg Steinway-Concert grand piano D-274(No.390399) x 1
YAMAHA concert grand piano CF3S-prototype(No.5820000) x 1
YAMAHA semi-grand piano S6A x 1(Players' lounge)
YAMAHA digital piano x 1(Stateroom 2)

For the Disabled

There are 4 spaces available to accommodate wheel chairs.
For further information, please contact our staff.

wheel chair space