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  • Hall

    Japanese larch wood from Karuizawa's native Nagano Prefecture is used for all of the interior and exterior wall surfaces, and a combination of bumpy surfaces configured from a detail of wood blocks with acoustic material is used in particular for the interior wall surfaces. This prevents unnecessary reverberations, creating ideal acoustic sound.
    In addition, the soothing light of a plateau floods down from a skylight set in the uppermost part of the hall ceiling, which with the design illumination from MOTOKO ISHII LIGHTING INC. combine to enwrap the hall with a comfortable feeling.

  • Stage

    A wide stage made entirely of cypress, where 784 audience members can become one with a full orchestra.
    Three pentagon shaped sound reflecting boards are installed in the upper part of the stage. By adjusting the height of those boards, the spread of sound on stage is controlled.

  • Staterooms, Dressing Rooms

    There are two Staterooms, one of which is equipped with digital piano. In addition, both rooms have a shower room.
    There are three dressing rooms, one of which has wood flooring and two of which are carpeted.

  • Players' Lounge

    This lounge, with a semi-grand piano, can be used as a rehearsal room and a dressing room. In addition, the housing of room dividers between the Players'lounge and dressing room 3 allows for the holding of miniature recitals.

  • Foyer

    Drinks are prepared in the foyer's pantry for enjoyment before concerts and during intermissions.